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This courtesy "Tu Vi" script is from William Nguyen. I have made a little modification  to fit  my site better. This sript works best with IE 4. If your computer  doesn't display correctly Vietnamese, you need to download VPS fonts   and save the winzip file somewhere that you can remember easily (for example C:\Windows\Temp...) After downloading, go to that directory and open the winzip file and extract them to C:\Windows\fonts. If you are currently using IE 5 and having VPS fonts, you still need to change "web fonts" in the "Internet options" to VPS font in order to view Vietnamese correctly on your "Tu Vi" page.

This program is running by itself on your computer. You can check your "Tu Vi" without worry of releasing your information to the internet. To view your "Tu Vi," write your name, your gender, your accurate date and time of birth then click "enter." For the time being, there is only the chart of the "tu vi" arrangement. I will add the explanation (not interpretation) later.


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